Products Imported

Barley ,Wheat,Whey,Milk Powder,Full Fat Soyabean,Rock Salt,POULTRY ADDITIVES

Chicken Meal,Corn Gluten Meal,Meat -Bone Meal,Vital Wheat Gluten,FISH FEED,Fish

Flour,Chicken Meal,Corn Gluten Meal,Vital Wheat Gluten,CATTLE FEED

ADDITIVE,Corn Bran,Rice Bran,Whead Bran,Cotton Pulp,Suqar Beet Pulp

Canola Meal,Corn Gluten Meal,Soybean Meal,Sunflower Meal,D.D.G.S. Corn

D.D.G.S. Wheat,D.D.G.S. Barley 


Addres: Haci Cafer Yasbek Str. Sunullah Mah. No:94/A

Phn: + 90 266 7155320

+90 266 7155319

Fax: +90 266 7155465


Registred to Bandirma Chamber of Commerce

Tax Office: Bandirma T.O.

Tax No: 9240477510


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TurkExim is a importers search engine.Find importers all over the world.
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